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EIC Funding Enhanced: NETO Innovation's Recognition by Bpifrance for Diag Europe

Put your innovative ideas into action instead of just dreaming about them with our team. Today, NETO Innovation is excited to announce a major step forward in this journey. Our accreditation by Bpifrance as Diag Europe experts marks the beginning of a new phase in European innovation, where success is easier to achieve.

We at NETO Innovation are excited to share an important development in our journey towards supporting innovation in the EU. Our recent recognition by Bpifrance as Diag Europe expert marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower European innovators.


A new chapter for NETO Innovation in EU Innovation and EIC funding

This partnership with Bpifrance opens new avenues for EU companies, especially French SMEs, embarking on the challenging and rewarding path of Horizon Europe proposals, including the EIC Accelerator. Our role, now more crucial than ever, is to provide unparalleled expertise and support to these companies, guiding them from idea to market.

Our involvement in Diag Europe enhances our existing offerings, which include the dynamic fields of green energies, nanotechnologies, healthcare and hybrid electronics.

This collaboration allows us to extend our financial and strategic planning services more effectively, with Bpifrance covering 50% of our fees, ensuring a more accessible pathway for innovators to bring their ideas to life.

Empowering innovators: How we can help you

At NETO Innovation, we understand the intricacies of the EIC funding schemes – Pathfinder, Transition, and Accelerator. Our multidisciplinary approach, developed through years of experience in project management and grant writing, is tailored to navigate the complexities of these programs successfully.

For a deeper insight into how our expertise aligns with your innovative needs and the EIC funding schemes, visit our dedicated page at NETO Innovation's EIC Funding Support.

If you need support in funding your innovative projects or want to learn more about the opportunities and benefits the EIC program offers, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to provide expert advice and assistance to ensure your projects achieve their fullest potential. Reach out to NETO Innovation today to transform your innovative ideas into successful ventures!

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