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Seeking for partners - Sustainable buildings - Horizon Europe

At NETO Innovation, we are looking for partners to complete a consortium dedicated to the development of sustainable buildings. The project is part of Cluster 5 (Climate, Energy, and Mobility) of Horizon Europe Programme.

Topic Description

Project idea

The project is addressing the building sector and essentially smart and sustainable buildings. In this project, we aim at validating innovative and efficient materials and technologies within real environment demonstrators. We will address at least 3 of the following technologies in building:

  • Heating / Smart thermostat.

  • Organic photovoltaic.

  • Inorganic photovoltaic.

  • Energy storage.

  • Smart lighting.

  • Electrochromic glasses.

  • Energy supply and consumption monitoring and optimization.

Photo by Danist Soh on Unsplash

Potential impacts

Thanks to the development expected within this project, we aim at reaching positive environmental impacts in building sector:

  • Innovative materials, products, and systems to improve the energy performance of buildings.

  • Increased building energy performance through the optimization of different technologies, such as renewable energy and storage.

  • Use of smart products and services.

Potential partners - Initial discussion

For the moment, we are three confirmed partners - two SMEs and one Research and Technological Organisation - with expertise in materials, photovoltaic cells, and project management.

  • GenesInk – France (

    • Large scale materials manufacturing (TRL 7 and up).

    • Materials for OPV (Organic PhotoVoltaic), OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes), Connectivity.

  • Fraunhofer IAP – Germany (

    • OLED and OPV modules development.

    • Electrochromic systems for shading.

    • Onsite demonstration.

  • NETO Innovation – France (

    • Project writing.

    • Innovation management.

    • Project management.

    • Technological survey.

    • Market analysis.

Missing partners

To complete our consortium, we are seeking for the following expertise and know-how:

  • Modules (solar cells, OPV, OLEDs, others) manufacturers.

  • System integration.

  • Large scale production of OPVs.

  • Energy management and control systems.

  • Construction and building companies.

  • Renewable energies.

  • Heating.

  • Energy storage.

Interested in this topic? Would you like to join us as partner? Contact NETO Innovation team here for more information about the project, the missing partners, and your potential role.

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