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NETO Innovation

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NETO Innovation

NETO Innovation is the result of the gathering of a team passionate about science and new technologies.

After more than fifteen years of activity in SMEs, large groups, research institutes, and universities, our team decided to create NETO Innovation. NETO Innovation offers support to various structures (mainly startups and SMEs) and helps them fund and achieve their development and innovation goals.

Thanks to the expertise of our team, we offer today various types of services to support companies in developing their Research and Innovation activities:

  • Funding of innovation through partner search, consortium setting up, and project proposals drafting. We are experts in Horizon Europe funding (topics under Clusters 1 to 6, EIC funding schemes - Pathfinder, Transition, Accelerator - Innovation fund, and others), other European fundings such as the Eureka programme, French topics funded by Bpifrance, ADEME, and others.

  • Technical advice in specific areas such as synthesis, formulation, and industrial manufacturing of materials, printed and flexible hybrid electronics, sustainable energies but also in biology specifically in molecular and cellular biology, immunology, and oncology.

  • Management of Research, Development and Innovation projects.

  • Funding of innovation through the support in the preparation of financial and technical files for the CIR (Tax Credit for Research) and the CII (Tax Credit for Innovation).

Let’s Work Together

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