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Since the creation of NETO Innovation in November 2021, our team has been building strong relationships and partnerships with Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs), large groups, start-ups and spin-offs, known Research and Technological Organisations (RTOs), universities, hospitals, associations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), consultancy companies, and many others. All these partnerships were initiated through technical and market consultancy, and the preparation of multiple proposals:

Since November 2021, 40+ organisations trusted us to support them all along their grant preparation journey: from consortium setup, to proposal writing and submission, but also for project management, and technical and business advice.

Universities & Research Institutes



Celabor is a Scientific and Technical partner based in Belgium. Celabor offers support to companies in the field of Food Technologies, Biomass Valorisation (Extraction), Materials and Environment. CELABOR’s staff is constituted of a multidisciplinary team of scientists (doctors, engineers, graduates and technicians).

CELABOR is active in multiple domains:

  • Food technologies - Nutrition & Extraction.

  • Packaging.

  • Environment.

  • Paper/Cardboard.

  • Textiles.

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Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies - CESAM

CESAM is a Research Unit of the University of Aveiro (UA) with the status of Laboratório Associado/Associated Laboratory since 2005, evaluated with the highest grade of Excellent since 2014.

The mission of CESAM is to develop leading international research on environmental and marine sciences, following a multi-actor and multisectoral approach, framed into 4 multidisciplinary thematic lines, promoting scientific knowledge and the connection between science and policies:

  • Ecology & Functional Biodiversity

  • Environment & Health

  • Marine Ecosystems & Resources

  • Integrated Environmental Systems.

More information:

govcopp5 - sem fundo.png

Research Unit on Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies - GOVCOOP

GOVCOPP is a part of the University of Aveiro (UA). Its mission is to conduct research and produce knowledge that contributes to economic efficiency and to the development of good practices in governance in specific territorial contexts: at European, national and regional levels, while having a particular focus on the regions of Centro and Aveiro.

In order to meet such challenge, GOVCOPP brings together researchers with different backgrounds and scientific expertise, therefore benefiting from a diversity of approaches and methodologies.

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Institute for Animal Husbandry - IAH

Institute for Animal Husbandry is based in Belgrade-Zemun. IAH is a scientific research institution specialized in the field of animal production.

IAH was founded in 1948. The mission of the Institute is research and development of animal husbandry and food production. IAH is an open house of knowledge for all those in science, education and economy in need of advice, training, or partnership in the field of science in which they are engaged.

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Based in Spain, Leitat is a Research and Technological Center, founded in 1906. It has the mission of managing technologies to create and transfer sustainable social, environmental, economic and industrial value to companies and entities, through research and technological processes. Leitat is collaborating with more than 45 countries and developing more than 250 projects in the fields of biotechnology, health, advanced materials, industrial chemistry, renewable energies, and new production processes.

Leitat promotes teams specialized in technology transfer, allowing the generation of collaborative and reliable business environments to achieve an economy based on knowledge. Leitat promotes the implementation of industrial innovation by working on the modernization of production structures and the development of new products at a multisectoral level. With dynamism, the RTO provides flexible management in an "Open Innovation" environment as a collaboration and cooperation engine for technology transfer.

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Experts & Consultancy Partners


ALETHEIA Consulting

ALETHEIA consulting - based in France - develops innovative solutions to emerging companies by hybridizing expertise from different worlds: life science, green energy, and deep tech.  ALETHEIA Consulting proposes multiple solutions to facilitate access to innovation goals:

  • Innovation Funding and corporate strategy.

  • Operational consulting to support you targeting operational and functional business models, and enhancing management systems.

More information:éia-consulting/



ANOWNA is a consultancy company dedicated to the development of innovative projects from the laboratory to industrialization. With their international network, and know-how in the fields of innovative technologies and nanotechnologies, they can support you to quickly access international markets.  ANOWNA helps you grow your business in scientific fields through their partnerships around the world.

More information:


Chrystel Simone, Engineer in eco-design and Life Cycle Assessment

Chrystel SIMONE has over 10 years of experience supporting companies in their individual and collective approaches in LCA, eco-design and in European projects. Her main professional experience was with the CARMA (a design office specialized in advanced materials and eco-design based in Sophia Antipolis) where she participated in several regional and European projects addressing eco-design and LCA issues. She also contributed to the development of the NF E 01 005 standard (eco-design methodology for SMEs in the mechanical sector). 

She is also involved in higher education (Besign sustainable design school, SKEMA business school and SEATECH engineering schools) in the fields of circular economy, eco-design, sustainable materials and LCA.

Nowadays, Chrystel applies eco-design principles like "life cycle thinking" and "continuous improvement" with a more territorial, collaborative and systemic approach, addressing issues in the broader scope of circular economy at the cross-section between eco-design, recycling, up-cycling, sustainable marketing, and industrial ecology. 

More information:



Serap Atan is specialized in European public policies. Throughout her career, she has worked with major actors of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey and in Europe. She has also led actions to promote the participation of companies in European research and innovation programmes.
She has launched CREATandem Consulting to support Turkish and European companies in boosting their potential for innovation and growth.
She advises SMEs on getting access to European funds (Horizon Europe) by helping them find project partners and prepare project proposals. She fosters the international expansion of start-ups by facilitating their integration in local ecosystems (Turkey and France in particular). She also facilitates corporate start-up collaborations' built-up.

More information:

F6S Logo.png


F6S is the leading platform for application management for commercial, corporate, government, university and other accelerator programs, helping more than 17,000 such initiatives worldwide. F6S tracks emerging trends across 300+ industries and has insights that reach beyond any database, from its strong network of project partners, corporates, universities and start-ups. F6S innovative communication team leverages this information and a strong experience in community building to deliver a high-impact strategy to promote, communicate, and disseminate research activities and achievements, maximising sustainability of projects’ results. F6S also specialises in managing 'open calls' via cascade funding (FSTP).

More information:


Life Cycle Engineering - LCE

Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) is an independent consulting firm, providing highly qualified solutions and tools to support private companies and business associations performing sustainably.

From the early nineties, LCE's main business consists in providing consultancy services in the environmental sustainability field, with particular regard to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Social-LCA (S-LCA), Eco-design and environmental communication such as Environmental and Sustainability Product Declarations (EPD and SPD).

Important activities are also the implementation of environmental management systems according to ISO 14001, safety management systems according to OHSAS 18001 and ISO 22000 standards.

In the last few years, LCE has been involved in about ten H2020 and LIFE projects, as well as several service contracts with the European Commission.

More information:


Sun Nano

Sun Nano offers operational sales and marketing consulting services and provides its clients with an international business development team to help them accelerate their sales in Europe, America and Asia. Sun Nano supports you in successfully introducing and marketing your advanced materials and improving your global business development by providing strategic marketing recommendations and implementing -  with their own team - your global sales development.

More Information:

Technology oriented startups, SMEs & Enterprises


Incontext Technology GmbH (INCTEC) is a deep-tech company with a focus on smart automation. Special attention is paid to increasing effectiveness and supporting sustainability in Industry 4.0 and in critical infrastructures. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, the company offers a product for intelligent monitoring that can be easily integrated with existing business processes and system landscapes. The product promotes transparency, effectiveness and resilience of processes and equipment. INCTEC was awarded several times for its product as “AI champion Baden-Württemberg 2021” or “Newcomer 2021 in the Industry 4.0" by Orange and was winner at the SNCF/Orange development challenge.

More information:


Nanorbital Advanced Materials

Nanorbital Advanced Materials is a research-based innovator in nanomaterials based in India. Silver Nanowires is one of their first commercial product lines. The company is founded by industry veterans and scientists with over 20 years of experience and exposure to the global chemical industry. Nanorbital’s vision is to develop and facilitate adoption of nanomaterials in everyday life to play a role in improving the quality of life for a global reach.

More information:



Onalabs is an SME based in Spain. Onalabs develops non-invasive smart devices to measure relevant biomarkers anytime, anywhere. The technology developed by Onalabs makes people's lives easier and safer by monitoring their parameters. It helps professionals improve prevention, diagnostic, treatment and protocols. And, it reduces healthcare costs by home hospitalization.

More information:



Unova is a digital agency developing mobile and web applications. Unova offers personalized support and digital solutions specifically shaped to meet their clients’ business needs. With their engineering and research department for Artificial Intelligence projects and other new technologies such as Block Chain and 3D configurators, UNOVA is developing new solutions to meet the world transformation for Industry 4.0, digital and connected devices, mobility, etc. 

More information:


Senetics Healthcare

Based in Germany, senetics healthcare group GmbH & Co. is an SME in the area of Research & Development, medical technology, pharmacy and biotechnology. The business activities of senetics address biological purposes such as testing, regulatory affairs, and contract development. The company also offers consultancy services in new product placement, development of integral marketing strategies, support of business expansion, and finally contract work in the research field.

More information:


Sens Solutions

Sens Solutions is an Industrial Company that develops water and air monitoring systems aimed at the optimization of resources (human, energy efficiency, reduction in the use of biocides, etc.). 

 The main focus is the detection of bacterial pathogens (Legionella, ecoli, listeria, aspergillus). 

Sens Solutions IoT platform combines Machine Learning with state-of-the-art sensors to perform preventive and efficient treatments. 

The integrated alarm system allows to know the status of the installations in real time, comfortably and fast.

More information:



Solnil, SME based in France, develops a proprietary cost-effective nano-manufacturing technology that makes possible the direct nanoimprinting of metal oxides through advanced sol-gel chemistry. Metal oxides offer enhanced optical, thermal and mechanical performances compared to polymers used in standard nanoimprinting. SOLNIL’s technology is suitable for applications requiring miniaturized and engineered optical functions: multispectral imaging, 3D sensing, laser optics, augmented reality, metasurfaces, and gas sensing.

More information here:

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