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NETO Innovation

French Funding Schemes

For French organisations, besides Horizon Europe and European funding opportunities, we offer our support for:

  • The preparation of French grants (Bpifrance, ADEME, etc.) to secure funding for Research, Development and Innovation projects.

  • The preparation of the files for Tax credits for Research and Innovation (CIR/CII).


French Funding Opportunities

French funding organisations, regularly, open topics to fund and support new businesses, as well as larger projects for already established business.​​​

Funding supports for new businesses:

  • Mainly insured by Bpifrance (Banque Publique d’Investissement).

  • Financial aid from 30 k€ to 100 k€ (5 M€ possible in case of “Prêt Innovation”).
    • Financial aid is given in form of grant or interest-free loan.
    • Reimbursement rate mainly 70%.
    • These financial aids mainly address young companies of less than 1 year (or under creation), or SMEs with high potential for innovation.
    • Examples: Bourse French-Tech, Bourse French-Tech Emergence, Aide pour le Développement de l’Innovation (ADI).

Calls for Innovation Funding:

  • Bpifrance.

  • ADEME.

  • ANR (Agence Nationle de la Recherche).

  • Ministry of Armed Forces (DGA, DGE).

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Tax Credits for Research and Innovation

CIR and CII funding schemes in France are addressed to all types of companies (legal status sizes, sectors, etc.). They are aimed to reimburse 30% of Research, Development and/or Innovation activities costs such as:

  • Fundamental research

  • Applied research

  • Experimental research

  • State of the art analysis

R&D indicators must be emphasized during the preparation of the files:​

  • Collaboration with research centers.

  • PhD thesis.

  • Publications in scientific journals.

  • Funded collaborative projects.

  • Patents.

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