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NETO Innovation

Project & Innovation Management

Project Management

NETO Innovation, as project's manager, supports the coordinator and all the other partners in the following activities for the implementation of the Horizon Europe and other (Eurostars, French funded projects by Bpifrance and ADEME, etc.) funded project:

  • Grant Agreement and consortium agreement preparation.

  • Preparation of the templates for deliverables, activity reports, and financial reports.

  • Follow up on deliverables, milestones, and respect of delays.

  • Follow up on activity and financial reporting and respect of the delays.

  • Monthly web-meeting organization to ensure technical follow up.

  • Financial follow up every 6 months.

  • Support to organize General Assemblies, kick-off meeting, and review meetings.

  • Support the coordinator to answer the experts and the project officer during the whole project and in the review meetings.

  • Amendments preparation.


Innovation Management

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, navigating the path to innovation requires more than just a great idea. NETO Innovation supports you to implement a holistic approach to innovation management:

  • In-depth market analysis and technology, market, and literature surveillance to keep your project ahead of the curve.

  • Tailored exploitation strategies adapted to your project, ensuring stakeholders' engagement and alignment with project objectives.

  • Fostering an environment of collaboration, to encourage the fusion of diverse ideas, ensuring your projects not only meet their goals but exceed them.

  • Innovation assessment framework to evaluate every facet of your initiatives, laying the groundwork for a compelling impact strategy.

  • To ensure your innovations reach the right audience, implementation of a communication and dissemination plans, and a robust stakeholder engagement strategies. 

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