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NETO Innovation

The right team to your success

NETO Innovation gathers five highly talented people to support you in achieving your innovation goals successfully.

  • Rita, PhD in process engineering, Chemical Engineer, and Master degree in Biochemistry.  With more than 15 years of experience in Research, Development, & Innovation, Rita is qualified in team management, technology transfer, projects writing, submission, coordination, and management. She is interested in multiple domains: hybrid and printed electronics, chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnologies, green energies, manufacturing, materials and surface properties.

  • Sara, PhD in oncology and a Master degree in “development and Immunology". With 5 years of experience in Research & Innovation in life science, Sara worked as project manager with multidisciplinary teams. She has valuable experimental skills and expertise in the fields of pre-clinical drug testing, nanotechnology, cell and molecular biology and in biochemistry. Thanks to the “Application of Everyday Leadership” course, from the University of Illinois, Sara acquired new skills in management, negotiation and conflict management.

  • Stéphanie, PhD in physical chemistry and chemical engineer. With almost 15 years of experience in Research & Development both laboratory and industrial environment, Stéphanie is skilled in project management (technological survey, management of human and material resources, patent writing) and customer relationship / technical support. She is passionate about innovation and chemistry, especially in the field of nanotechnology and colloids, formulation and printed electronics.

  • Manale, graduate with a DEA in Marketing and a Master degree in Finance. With 5 years of experience in the management and marketing fields, she has advanced communication, negotiation, and persuasion skills. Throughout her years of activity, she developed various competencies in organization, time management, and interpersonal relationship.

  • Guitta, Master degree in Management, Accounting and Finance. With more than 15 years in finance management and controlling, Guitta is, today, Head of Finance Department at an Investment Group. She has advanced competencies and skills in budget and financial strategy, financial management and planning, risks assessment, and communication.


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