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NETO Innovation

Our Innovation Services

NETO Innovation offers you various services to support you in funding your Research, Development, and Innovation projects and achieving your goals.

  • Partner search and project writing.

  • Technical consultancy mainly in chemistry, materials, and life science domains.

  • Project management.

  • Establishment of the financial and technical documents related to the Tax Credits for Research and for Innovation (CIR/CII).

  • Expert review services.

Innovation funding - Project writing

With our expertise in project writing, we can support you in finding the right partners. We also offer our services in writing project proposals according to your technical information. We offer this service for various types of topics and calls:

Technical consulting

NETO Innovation offers you a technical expertise in multiple domains to support you in developing your innovative projects and reach the aimed specifications and objectives.

  • Printed and flexible hybrid electronics.

  • Synthesis and formulation of innovative materials.

  • Cellular and molecular biology.

  • Immunology.

  • Oncology.

Image de Glenn Carstens-Peters

Project Management

NETO Innovation is an expert in project financial and technical management. We offer you our support in managing your funded collaborative projects. We also support you in  managing and restructuring your operational departments (RDI, Production, Business Development) based on a thorough literature, patent, and market reviews as well as on Lean Management.


Tax Credit for Research and Innovation (CIR/CII)

NETO Innovation offers you support in the preparation of Tax Credits for Research and Innovation (CIR and CII) files.

  • Financial synthesis file.

  • Technical supporting file for research and/or innovation.

We also support you in preparing the audit and gathering the required documents for the control process.

Travailler avec des documents financiers

Expert Review Services

At NETO Innovation, we offer specialized review services tailored to your needs. Whether it's grant proposals, project reports, deliverables, or funded projects' financial reporting, our dedicated team ensures precision, clarity, and utmost professionalism. Your vision, combined with our expertise, paves the way for innovation and excellence.

Our Business Model

Our services are designed according to your needs.

Support on a Case-By-Case Basis

We can help you on case-by-case basis to write a project, advise you on technical or managerial project aspects, offer our support to prepare the Tax Credit for Research and/or Innovation files.

Long-Term Support

Customized Package

We also offer our support on the long-term (6 months at least) by proposing one or two of our services (project writing, technical consulting, project management, or CIR/CII files).

Long-Term Support

Full Package

We also offer our services as a full package to support you on the long-term by proposing at least three of our services (project writing, technical consulting, project management, CIR/CII files).

For long-term support, our offer is designed specifically to our partners and customers needs (topics, technical, business, financial, etc.).

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