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NETO Innovation

Horizon Europe

At NETO Innovation, we offer our customers and partners high quality services based on the expertise of our team in Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI), project writing and management. For Horizon Europe funding, our services cover:

  • Grants Writing. For this, we offer 2 different models: Full Package and Light Participation.

  • Project Management in case of project success.

Horizon Europe Grants Writing
Full Package

Through this full package model, NETO Innovation covers the full scope (from topic identification to project management in case of project success) for Horizon Europe funding and grant writing:

  • Topic identification, and preparation of the project’s concept note and the communication

  • Partners search and consortium arrangement.

  • Meetings with identified and potential partners.

  • Brainstorming and discussions to elaborate the project workflow and main work packages.

  • Kick-off meeting to start the writing of the proposal.

  • Establishment of collaborative tools for proposal’s writing: shared files and proposal’s
    templates, online meetings.

  • Weekly meeting to follow up the proposal writing process.

  • Literature review and state of the art.

  • Preparation of the templates to be shared with the partners.

  • Support for writing the proposal. NETO Innovation participates to the different parts of the
    proposal (Excellence, Impact, Implementation).

  • Preparation of the project graphics and images.

  • Support to prepare the budget of each partner.

  • Filling administrative forms on funding and tenders.

  • Filling the ethics part on funding and tenders.

  • Critical review of the proposal.

  • Project submission.

Horizon Europe Grants Writing
Light Participation


In this light model participation, NETO Innovation participates only as a partner for project management and/or Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication activities. In this case, we offer the following support for Horizon Europe funding and grant writing:

  • Support in finding the missing partners.

  • Preparation of the templates to be shared with the partners.

  • Impact section 2.2.

  • Management and Dissemination, Exploitation, Communication WPs.

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