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NETO Innovation

Our Innovation Sectors

With our team's technical background, we are well suited to support and advise you in multiple domains:

  • Sustainable energies.

  • Printed and flexible hybrid electronics.

  • Healthcare.

  • Innovative materials and their manufacturing methods.

Green and sustainable energies

Our world is facing today an increasing demand of energy for various sectors such as industry, building, agriculture, and mobility. However, to avoid the worst climate impacts, carbon emissions should reach net-zero by 2050. That is why sustainable and renewable energies (solar, hydrogen, batteries, electrolysis, bio-energy and carbon capture and storage) should be developed and made accessible to everyone.​

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Healthcare and life science

In constant need of innovation, the healthcare industry is deeply changing. New technologies (next-generation sequencing for targeted therapies and immunotherapy in cancer patients, biosensors and trackers, and digital medical devices) create more value in a plethora of areas of healthcare and inevitably change how we currently prevent, diagnose, monitor, and treat disease.

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Printed and flexible hybrid electronics

Flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) is a novel approach to electronic circuit manufacturing. It aims to combine the best of printed and conventional electronics.

The market addressed by FHE is huge and covers inter alia Internet-of-Things (IoT), in-mold electronics, electromagnetic shielding, smart and active packaging, lighting, photovoltaic, wearables, electrochromic applications, and sensors.

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Innovative materials and their manufacturing methods

To be able to reach innovation goals related to green energies, hybrid electronics, and healthcare, the development of innovative materials is mandatory. The innovation in materials addresses multiple categories: metals and metal oxides, functional polymers, nanoparticles and nanowires, bio-based and biodegradable materials.

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