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New call concerning medical devices and artificial intelligence-based tools in the health sector

As part of the Big Challenge: "Improvement of medical diagnostics by artificial intelligence", the French government has launched a Call for Projects "Evaluation of the medical and/or economic benefit of digital or artificial intelligence-based medical devices". This call is open since the 15th of September 2021 until the 2nd of March 2022 at noon.


The objective of this call is to support evaluation projects aimed at assessing the benefit of digital or artificial intelligence-based medical devices:

  • A digital medical device is any medical device (MD), active implantable medical device (ADM) or in vitro diagnostic medical device (IVDMD) with digital components being the predominant share of the asset, or the preponderant part of the value proposition.

  • Artificial intelligence-based tool is a statistical algorithm with the optimal parameters gathered and learned from a health datasets representative of a target population.

The results of the projects should directly justify the use in practice of the device tested.

The budget allocated for both parts is 10 M€.

Medical Device

Expected projects

The project must focus exclusively on the medical and/or economic evaluation of the device, excluding algorithmic development or new data learning. Evaluation projects may focus on:

  • A technology that is not yet on the market. In this case, the project leader must demonstrate that this technological development has been carried out according to a quality management system to obtain its placing on the market by the end of the study; or

  • A technology that is already on the market and is already CE and/or FDA approved.

In both cases, the technological development of the device must be sufficiently completed to carry out the evaluation.

Artificial Intelligence

Eligibility criteria

This call is open to both public and private partners. Projects can be :

  • Single-partner: In which case the project should be supported by a single institution responsible for the development of the device. Any project with a budget lower than 400 k€ should be a single-partner.

  • Collaborative : In which case the project should be carried out by a consortium composed of at least one health institution and the institution in charge of the development of the device, within the limit of 3 partners.

Budget and deadline

Eligible projects will have a budget between 200 k€ and 5 M€ for a period of 12 to 48 months. The deadline for submission is on March the 2nd 2022 at noon.

For more information, visit the call website:

If you are interested by this call, contact the NETO Innovation team here so we can discuss how we can support you in preparing you proposal and finding the right partners.

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