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Climate change, sobriety, and low-technologies

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Facing the global environmental crisis – climate change, collapse of biodiversity, soil degradation, generalized pollution, tensions over energy and raw materials – humanity is betting on the so called “green” and digital technologies. However, these new technologies consume more rare resources, are more difficult to recycle, and are too complex. Thus, these technologies will lead us, in the long term, to a dead end.

On one hand, determining whether it is still possible and desirable to slow down or even stop the exponential growth of the global economy is today a major question. Reconciling the preservation of the planet and the race for growth with sustainable development is not an option anymore.

On the other hand, it is necessary to decode the question of energies to build our energy of the future and overcome the climate challenge. It is today obvious that to contain global warming, the humanity must give up on fossil fuels. A part of the solution (after slowing down the global economy and changing our consumers’ behavior), is switching to low-carbon energies to maintain a part of the services currently provided by fossil fuels. The low-carbon energies are either based on renewable (wind, solar, etc.) or low-emissions technologies (nuclear, etc.).

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