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Decoding Greatness

Why do some companies succeed and others just vanish? How do you become great at what you do? Is it innate talent or long dedicated practice? A third option called reverse engineering is detailed in “Decoding Greatness” by Ron Friedman, an excellent book for keys to success, applicable to any domain.

Decoding Greatness

Here, Friedman explains how to observe and understand others’ success, reverse engineer it and apply it to create breakthroughs and unique ways to drive excellence. Indeed, reverse engineering is about learning from the best about their success recipe, what drives it, what is underneath it, and its patterns, then applying this knowledge to create new and unique ideas to drive innovation. It is basically about decoding the blueprint of success, evolving it, and applying it in any field.

A great book, full of insights about how to take success to the next level!

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