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Globalstars: New innovation funding opportunity with Taiwan

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

On January 9th, 2023, will be launched a new topic under the Eureka Programme – The Globalstars call. Check our post below for more information about the topic.

For this topic, organizations in Taiwan, France, Poland, and Slovakia are invited to submit joint project applications for researching and developing innovative products and applications with a strong market potential.


Eligibility criteria

The main qualification criteria are described below:

  • The consortium must be composed from at least two independent organizations: One for profit company from Taiwan and one for profit company from the other participating Eureka countries, i.e., France, Poland, or Slovakia.

  • The partners must develop innovative products, processes or services leading to high impact, involving technological risks for all partners as well as generating benefits for all the participants.

  • No organization can claim more than 70% of the total eligible costs.

  • The project should prove evident advantages such as increased knowledge base, commercial leads, access to R&D infrastructure, etc.

  • A signed consortium agreement is required upon approval, and it must address the ownership, the use of know-how, and the IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) aspects.

  • Project duration must not exceed 36 months.

  • Military projects are not eligible.

Funding entities

· For France – Bpifrance.


Scope and subtopics

This call addresses high quality Research & Development projects under the following topics and sub-topics:

  • High Tech:

o ICT and Cyber Security

o Smart Manufacturing

o Advanced Biotechnologies and Medical Devices

  • Sustainable Environment:

o Electrical Vehicles

o Hydrogen Energy

o Technology for Upcycling/Recycling of Material

The timeline

  1. The call will be launched on January 9th, 2023, with the possibility to start filling the application.

  2. The proposal must be submitted online, by the coordinator, via the Eureka portal. The deadline for submission is June 20th, 2023.

  3. Additional funding information are requested from each partner and must be submitted to the related funding organization:

o Applicants in Taiwan must submit their application to DoIT before 20 June 2023, 17:00 hours CST (11:00 hours CEST).

o Applicants in Poland must submit their domestic application to on 20 June 2023, 17:00 hours CEST.

o Applicants in France must submit their domestic application to Bpifrance before 25 June 2023, 18:00 GMT.

o Applicants in Slovakia must submit their domestic application to Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic before 20 June 2023.

o Applicants will be informed about the project’s results on 2 October 2023.

The funding rates

The funding rate and type is dependent from the funding organization (country):

  • Taiwan: Grant funding up to 50%.

  • Poland: From 40% to 80% depending on the size of the company and the type of development (industrial research or development works).

  • France: Funding rate up to 65%. The type of funding is an advance repayable in case of technical success.

  • Slovakia: From 40% to 80% depending on the size of the company and the type of development (industrial research or development works).

How can NETO Innovation support you

Thanks to our large network and to our know-how in project writing, we can help you in:

  • Finding the right partners in the participating countries.

  • Supporting you in writing the project application.

  • Filling the online application and submitting the proposal.

If you are interested in this topic and you need more information about the possible budgets the selection criteria, the evaluation process, please contact our team here.

For more insights on our topics and calls of interest (Horizon Europe, Eureka, French funding opportunities, etc.), subscribe to NETO Innovation website.

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