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Innovation support services: Navigating the path to successful innovation with NETO Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, having a reliable partner to guide you through the journey from concept to realization is invaluable. At NETO Innovation, we specialize in providing comprehensive long-term support to help turn your visionary ideas into successful projects. This blog explores how our long-term support services can be your compass in the complex world of innovation.

Innovation support services: Our unique approach to long-term support:

Our long-term support package is not just about offering assistance at different stages of a project; it’s about understanding the vision, challenges, and specific needs of each client. At NETO Innovation, our approach is rooted in developing a deep understanding of your project and goals. This enables us to offer customized support that aligns perfectly with your objectives. Our long-term support model is designed to provide comprehensive and financially accessible services to our clients. This model unfolds in two pivotal stages:

1. Initial roadmap and funding mapping - free of charge:

We begin our engagement with a crucial initial phase, where we provide a comprehensive roadmap and funding mapping at no cost. This stage involves a thorough analysis of potential funding sources and the creation of a strategic plan tailored to your project's unique goals and needs.

2. Establishment of a long-term partnership:

Upon completion of the initial phase, we transition into a long-term partnership. This partnership is characterized by facilitated and discounted payment options spread over the contract duration, ensuring that our services remain financially accessible and aligned with your project's timeline and budget constraints.


Innovation support services: Bridging diverse funding and sector innovation

1. Expertise in diverse funding calls and topics:

At NETO Innovation, we specialize in handling a variety of funding calls and topics. Our expertise spans Horizon Europe funding, including clusters 1 to 6, EIC funding schemes (Pathfinder, Transition, Accelerator), the Innovation fund, Eureka programme, French topics funded by Bpifrance, ADEME, and more. This versatility ensures that we can support a broad spectrum of projects, from fundamental to applied research, across different sectors and stages of innovation.

innovation sectors neto innovation

2. Diverse expertise across multiple sectors:

NETO Innovation brings a wealth of experience across various sectors such as sustainable energies, printed and flexible hybrid electronics, healthcare, and innovative materials and manufacturing methods. This diverse expertise allows us to support a wide range of projects, ensuring that no matter the domain, your innovation receives tailored, sector-specific guidance.

Creating your roadmap: The first step in innovation support services

1. Comprehensive roadmap and funding strategy:

Our service begins with developing a comprehensive roadmap for your project. This includes identifying potential funding opportunities and selecting those that best match your project's needs. Our vast experience in grant writing and submission ensures that your applications are persuasive, clear, and compliant with all requirements.

innovation funding grant writing

2. Partner integration and proposal excellence:

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, we leverage our extensive network for partner search, integrating this with our grant proposal expertise. A significant aspect of our long-term support is facilitating and nurturing the right partnerships. Through our extensive network, we connect you with the right collaborators, enhancing the potential and reach of your project. Our team excels in crafting compelling applications, combining skills in project writing, technical consulting, and project management to make your project stand out.

Innovation support services: Beyond funding and grants

innovation funding grant writing

1. Beyond funding: Technical and managerial advocacy:

Our support extends beyond just funding. We provide technical advice to ensure your project meets industry standards, along with managerial advocacy for effective and efficient execution. This holistic approach is crucial for the multifaceted journey of innovation.

2. Navigating tax credits:

Understanding the complexities of tax credits for research and innovation is vital. Our specialized support includes preparing, reviewing, and optimizing technical reports, assisting with financial documentation, and ensuring readiness for audit phases.


At NETO Innovation, our commitment is to provide a holistic, long-term support system that covers every aspect of your project. From initial concept to successful execution, we are your partners in innovation, every step of the way.

Ready to transform your innovation journey?

Connect with us today to explore how our tailored long-term support can elevate your projects. Whether it's navigating funding opportunities, crafting winning proposals, or providing expert technical and managerial guidance, we're here to help you succeed. Don't let complexity hold back your innovative vision. Reach out to NETO Innovation, and let's embark on a path to success together.

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