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NETO Innovation becomes a member of ECTP to shape the future of the built environment

We are thrilled to announce that NETO Innovation has become a member of the prestigious European Construction, Built Environment, and Energy Efficient Building Technology Platform (ECTP). This membership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of the built environment. As a leading voice in the industry, ECTP brings together a diverse network of organizations, and we are excited to contribute to their collective vision

About ECTP:

Founded in 2004, ECTP has emerged as a vital membership organization dedicated to promoting and influencing the future of the built environment across Europe. With over 140 member organizations from various sectors and countries, ECTP fosters an integrated approach to addressing critical issues facing the construction industry. By connecting stakeholders from the entire supply chain, ECTP tackles societal and industrial challenges such as energy, climate change, efficiency, and infrastructure.


A Key Player in Driving Innovation:

ECTP is recognized as one of the 38 European Technology Platforms (ETPs), which are industry-led stakeholder assemblies acknowledged by the European Commission for their role in driving innovation, knowledge transfer, and European competitiveness. In recent years, ECTP's scope of research and influence has expanded, solidifying its position as a leading force for industry innovation in Europe. The organization provides expert advice to national governments and the European Union, shapes research strategies, and drives transformation within the sector.

Areas of Focus:

ECTP concentrates its efforts on several key areas to bring impactful change in the built environment:

NETO Innovation's Contribution:

As a new member of ECTP, at NETO Innovation, we are eager to contribute with our expertise in Horizon Europe, grant writing, materials, and low-carbon technologies. Our collaborative efforts, with other stakeholders and network, will enable us to collectively respond to calls for change and address the pressing challenges faced by the construction industry. By aligning our vision with ECTP's initiatives, we aim to play an active role in transforming the built environment to be more sustainable, resilient, and efficient. NETO Innovation's membership at ECTP signifies a shared commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of the built environment in Europe. Together with ECTP's diverse membership and influential position, we are poised to make significant strides in addressing crucial issues such as decarbonization, digitalization, sustainability, and infrastructure development. We look forward to collaborating with fellow members, stakeholders, and industry experts to create a positive impact on society, the environment, and the construction sector as a whole. To learn more about ECTP and its initiatives, please visit their website and explore the dedicated committees focusing on each key area of the built environment.

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