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Seeking for partners / Horizon EU / Cluster 6 / FARM2FORK-02-04

At NETO Innovation, we are seeking for partners for Topic HORIZON-CL6-2022-FARM2FORK-02-04-two-stage from Horizon Europe, Cluster 6.

Topic description

  • Topic ID: HORIZON-CL6-2022-FARM2FORK-02-04-two-stage

  • Title: Smart solutions for the use of digital technologies for small- and medium-sized, farms and farm structures

  • Call: Fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems from primary production to consumption

  • Destination: Fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food systems from primary production to consumption

  • Deadline:

o Phase 1: 15/02/2022

o Phase 2: 06/09/2022

Project idea

The project coordinator is an SME expert in IoT sensor applications. The coordinator has developed 2 technologies (1) for pests and (2) pollinators detection and follow up.

  1. The coordinator has developed an early warning system which uses IoT sensors designed to prevent and control epidemics of vector-borne diseases. This enables a more precise, effective and efficient use of resources to protect public health and save lives. This sensor is capable of automating commercial insect traps, i.e., making them smart. The sensor automatically counts insects, and identifies species, sex and age. The information is wirelessly sent to a machine learning server, and the data can be combined with Copernicus and GEOSS assets, and Citizen Science models, to generate Risk Maps.

  2. The coordinator has also started the development of a new sensor to remotely assess the abundance and dynamics of pollinators. It is an automatic technique that is non-lethal for insects (no trapping) and can be used to make a continuous analysis of the biodiversity and population of pollinators. This includes the common commercial pollinators (bees and bumblebees) but also wild pollinators. This disruptive technology can be of great importance for the sector of seeds, namely to use the data on pollinators to implement precision management operations to increase the productivity of seed, fruit and vegetable production.


The main idea of this project is to bring both technologies to at least TRL7 by:

✔ Optimizing the sensor (TRL4/5).

✔ Demonstrate the sensor as prototype/proof of concept in relevant and operational environment (TRL 5 to 7).

✔ System qualification by end-users (TRL 7/8).


We are aiming at developing at least 2 user cases with one or more of the following end-users:

✔ Pest management company.

✔ Food industry.

✔ Farming companies.

✔ Companies producing insecticides and pesticides.

✔ Fertilizer developers.

✔ Ecologist.

✔ Green houses.

✔ Public health agencies.

✔ Hotel industries.

✔ Military.

✔ Supermarkets.

Missing partners

Today, we are looking for the following partners to arrange the consortium:

✔ Universities and/or research labs focusing on insects’ studies.

✔ Research institutes with competencies in training insects in laboratories for artificial intelligence training and machine learning.

✔ At least 2 end-users from those cited above (1 end-user = 1 user case).

Interested by this call? Contact NETO Innovation team here for more information on the project, the missing partners, and your potential role in the project.

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