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Seeking for partners - Horizon Europe - Digital Emerging

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

At NETO Innovation, we are seeking for partners for topic HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-05 of Horizon Europe. This topic addresses Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics in industry.

Topic description


  • Title: AI, Data and Robotics for Industry optimization (including production and services)

  • Destination 4: Digital and emerging technologies for the competitiveness and fit for the green deal

  • Deadline: November 16th, 2022

  • Topic budget overview: 19 M€ (3 – 5 M€ per project)

  • Type of action: Innovation Action (IA)

  • TRL: From 3/5 to 6/7

  • Topic link: Funding & tenders (

Project Idea

The consortium proposes to develop a concept solution to support the transformation of non-digitalized production facilities by SMEs. The consortium will develop, optimize, and implement a smart monitoring system to connect data from production and IT systems across the entire supply chain, and monitor the business processes.

The proposed solution will be designed to be:

  • Flexible enough to be implemented across production lines from different sectors (food, industry/manufacturing, biodiversity monitoring data, etc.).

  • Easy to set up.

  • Accessible to manufacturing SMEs.

  • Fully connected and AI supported to ensure adaptation of these small production facilities to digital value chain, in line with EU’s economic, social and environmental goals.

Expected impact

  • Industry-empowering AI, data and robotics.

  • Advancing AI, data and robotics, and automation for the optimization of production and services value-chains.

  • AI adapting production and/or services workflows to changing environments, dynamic and unpredictable resource constraints.

  • Digital twin to describe assets, processes ,and their relationships.

  • Focused project involving the user industry and technology providers.

Confirmed partners

  • Inctec - – Germany: Scientific coordinator – Smart monitoring system optimization and implementation with user cases, algorithm development, and system architecture.

  • Actuate – Turkey: sensors integration and connection, system connection to the cloud, flexible digital architecture applied to different production lines.

  • OFFIS - Germany: Sustainable manufacturing

  • Beia Consult International - Romania: Use cases data gathering and analysis, and assessment of carbon foot print.

  • Use cases 1: Tomato farm and dairy factory - Romania.

  • NETO Innovation: Project and innovation management.

Missing partners

We are mainly looking for the following category of partners:

  • Standardization and societal acceptance office(s).

  • User cases/End-users - one or more of the following domains:

    • Home appliances.

    • Textiles.

    • Biodiversity monitoring.

    • CO2 monitoring.

    • Waste-management.

    • Production/retail.

Interested in this topic? Would you like to join us as partner? Contact NETO Innovation team here for more information about the project, the missing partners, and your potential role.

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