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Seeking for partners / Alternatives for animal feed

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

At NETO Innovation, we are seeking for partners interested in the production of enhanced Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA).

Project idea

The project aims at developing enhanced and alternative PUFA based on endemic algae species. The developed PUFA will be then characterized and pre-clinically assessed.


In this project, the scientific coordinator aims to bring endemic algae species to animal feed industry. The main advantages of the proposed technology are:

  • Increased PUFA production by genome editing.

  • Development of versatile/effective isolation/purification methods for PUFA enriched matrix.

  • Saving arable lands usually used for animal feed production and industry.

Project confirmed partners

For the moment, 3 scientific and technical partners are already confirmed for this project:

  • The scientific coordinator working on algae characterization, genome editing to increase PUFA content, and PUFA production optimization.

  • An academic partner working on isolation and purification steps.

  • An algae institution focusing on algae photo-bioreactor development and algae cultivation.

Missing partners

Today, we are looking for the following partners to complete the consortium:

✔ Partner able to perform the pre-clinical studies on animals (testing developed alternative animal feed acceptance and effect on animals.

✔ A veterinarian or a veterinary institution to advice on animal feed types, balance, and consumption.

Interested in this project? Contact NETO Innovation team here for more information on the project, the missing partners, and your potential role in the project.

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