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Today we welcome one new member to NETO Innovation team

Stéphanie, PhD in Physical Chemistry, joined our team to strengthen our capacities and expertise in grant writing and project management.

At NETO Innovation, we offer our customers and partners high quality services based on the expertise of our team in Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI), project writing and management.

Our support for innovation projects and entities is provided in various ways:

  • Project writing and partner search.

  • Project management.

  • Technical consultancy.

  • Establishment of technical and financial files for tax credits for research and innovation (CIR/CII).

NETO Innovation is the result of the gathering of a team passionate about science and new technologies.

  • Rita, PhD in process engineering, Chemical Engineer, and Master degree in Biochemistry.

  • Sara, PhD in oncology and a Master degree in “development and Immunology".

  • Stéphanie, PhD in Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineer.

  • Manale, graduate with a DEA in Marketing and a Master degree in Finance.

  • Guitta, Master degree in Management, Accounting and Finance.

To know more about our team, check this link here (NETO Innovation Team).

Visit our website for more details concerning NETO Innovation.

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