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Empowering innovation: How NETO Innovation's services elevate R&D projects

Updated: Jan 20

In the dynamic world of Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI), success requires a meticulous blend of expert guidance, strategic funding, and efficient project management. NETO Innovation specializes in a spectrum of RDI services, from writing effective grant proposals to offering expert technical consultancy. NETO Innovation is your ally as innovators or researchers. Whether navigating the complexities of European and French funding schemes or guiding research and development projects, our tailored approach ensures that each venture receives the tailored expertise it deserves. This blog explores how NETO Innovation's suite of services simplifies the RDI process and amplifies the potential of each project it embraces.

NETO Innovation: Providing excellence in Research, Development, and Innovation

NETO Innovation offers you a complete range of services designed to enhance Research, Development, and Innovation projects. This includes partner search and collaboration, expert grant proposal writing for European and French funding schemes, specialized technical consultancy in chemistry, materials, and life sciences, project management, assistance with Tax Credits for Research and Innovation (CIR/CII), and expert review services, ensuring a holistic approach to project needs.


Innovation funding and grant writing

Leveraging our expertise in project writing, we assist you in identifying suitable partners and offer proposal writing services based on your technical details. We offer support to various themes and calls, including Horizon Europe, Eureka calls, and French calls funded by entities like Bpifrance, ANR, DGE, and ADEME.

Expert review services

NETO Innovation provides specialized review services, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in grant proposals, project reports, deliverables, and financial reporting for funded projects. We combine our expertise with your vision to drive innovation and excellence.

Technical consultancy

NETO Innovation provides technical expertise across various domains to aid in the development of innovative projects, ensuring they meet targeted specifications and objectives. Our areas of specialization include printed and flexible hybrid electronics, innovative material synthesis and formulation, along with vital fields in biology and medicine like cellular and molecular biology, immunology, and oncology.

Project management

NETO Innovation excels in both financial and technical project management. We assist you in managing funded collaborative projects and provide support in restructuring operational departments such as RDI, Production, and Business Development. This is achieved through thorough reviews of literature, patents, and market trends, combined with the application of Lean Management principles.


Tax Credit  for Research and Innovation (CIR/CII)

We provide support in preparing files for Tax Credits for Research and Innovation (CIR and CII), including financial synthesis and technical support files for research or innovation. We also assist in preparing for audits and collecting necessary documents for the control process.

The NETO Innovation difference - Long-term and specialized support 

We are dedicated to offering you long-term support and a customized funding strategy tailored to your project's unique innovation goals. This includes:

  • Identifying and matching funding sources to your project's needs: Our process starts with a joint exploration of a wide range of funding sources, focusing on aligning these opportunities with the specific requirements and goals of your project.

  • Selecting the best-fit opportunities: Next, we thoroughly analyze each identified funding source, carefully selecting those that best align with the objectives of your project. This strategic focus enhances the likelihood of securing successful funding.

  • Crafting unique grant proposals with partner integration: After selecting the most suitable funding sources, NETO Innovation shifts its focus to detailed grant proposal preparation and submission. We use our extensive network for partner search, ensuring that your project is backed by the right collaborative partners. Our combined skills in project writing, technical consulting, and project management, along with our network, are harnessed to create compelling and standout applications. 


In conclusion, NETO Innovation's complete suite of services empowers RDI projects by blending expert guidance, strategic funding, and efficient management. Our holistic approach, from expert grant writing to specialized technical consultancy, is tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. As a strategic partner in innovation, NETO Innovation ensures that your vision is met with precision and professionalism, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in research and development. 

Interested in discovering how our services can fit your project's unique needs? Contact us for a detailed discussion and let us guide you on the path to innovation and success.

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